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Shawn Fox

Best review I've found on these. Are they still holding up. I'm getting ready to order my kit. I have a question. Our peach laminate (we built the house what wAs I thinking) has sharp square edges. You said you rounded yours with the sander. How much did you round. Yours look great. Thanks. Shawn


6 months + and they are holding up great. As far as the rounding goes it's really hard to say. My husband did it and basically he just made them not so sharp. He held the sander at about a 45 degree angle and just rounded them a little. I'm not sure if that helps but I don't know what else to say.


What color did you choose? It looks amazing! We have similar colored cabinets and I love the color of your counters.



Helen used the Onyx Fog color.


Susan Horvath

Looks amazing! Thanks so much...I especially loved the statement "sanded the shit out of them" because honestly, that says it all! I can't wait to redo my mothers laminate countertops. Your kitchen facelift has inspired me :)

Missy Mobley

Thank you for doing this blog! I am getting ready to redo our kitchen cabinets and countertops before we list our house for sale. I have read several reviews on this product that describe heat marks, stains, water marks, etc. Have you had any problem with scorching or stains? I plan on using the lightest color and have two boys . . . Don't want to have to redo everything before we list the house in April! THANK YOU!!!


It has been basically a year since we painted the counters and they still look fantastic. I have spilled spaghetti sauce, red wine, lots of coffee and coffee grounds, and curry paste on them. The curry stained them a little, but eventually the spot wore away. Nothing else damaged or stained them at all. I have had no problem with scorching but I'm also careful to use trivots so there's never been an opportunity.

The only problem I did have is that the paint cracked a little under my coffeemaker. I'm sure it was from me pulling it out and pushing it in every day. The crack was not very noticeable and my husband said to ignore it but it still bugged me. I sanded that area a little and then put leftover stone paint on it. I sanded it again after it dried and put a layer of the sealer on it. Now, you can't see the crack at all.

Honestly, painting my countertops was one of the best decisions I made on the house, I don't regret it at all.


Hi. It's hard to tell in pictures but is the color light gray or more of a cream color?


What did you do with the thin metal strip between the counter and the backsplash?

Helen Peabody

Valerie, the color is a light gray with multicolored flecks.

Helen Peabody

Linda, an excellent question and something I really agonized over. It turns out I worried needlessly! We simply taped it off and painted the counter right up to it. Then, we put the tile backsplash over the existing laminate backsplash. Once the tile was up the metal strip was sort of obscured a little underneath the tile because the tile stuck out from the wall a little bit. The last step was to caulk right over it! You'd never know it was still hidden in there! I want to see pictures of your counters!


How have they held up until today? I am considering this product but read somewhere that they didn't hold up as expected. We have a big family and use the countertops ALL of the time!


I just found your blog about your counters and backsplash. We would like to do the same thing to ours, we have hideous country blue laminate counters and backsplash in our kitchen. I would like to use the same counter top paint and tile the backsplash. Did you ever do a blog on the backsplash? I am curious as to how you handled the top of the backsplash, ours has about a 1/2 inch lip on it. How is the paint holding up on the counter? I appreciate any input you could give. Thank you so much!


great write up.. i did extensive research on this product as well as the rustoleum countertop brand, the daich kit was the one i went with (only because it looked way more intense with the color chips and constant sanding). About 3 weeks ago i started with my kitchen renovation project, refinished the cabinets with new paint, glaze and decorative moulding on top, complete change from the drab look it had, today i started doing the countertop kit while my wife and kid went to memphis to visit her family, i had enough to do 3 coats of base coat, and in a little bit will do the color coat, oddly enough the Onyx fog color, after seeing this, i love the outcome and cant wait to see the outcome on mine when i finish, i have a week to do the countertops, install some backsplash and install the new sink and faucet, great way to spend a week while the wife and kid are gone..


That turns out pretty well. Did you caulk first around the backsplash? I am doing this on our cultured marble bathroom vanity and the inside sink. I hope it holds up well. How was your counter holding up since the ist time? Thanks


Counter refinishing looks amazing. How has it stood up to daily wear and tear?


Great review, thanks!
A year later, still happy? Am looking into this product for my 50's bungalow.


Wow, looks great ! My kitchen is identical to yours right down to the appliances and same issue, no money. Will definitely try this. Wanted to install a vintage pattern laminate but this will be more in line with our budget. Thanks for posting, great job

Helen Peabody

It has been almost two years since I painted my countertops. They look exactly the same! I am always careful to use a cutting board and a trivet but I'm not overly cautious. I did have that tiny little crack I mentioned earlier under the coffeemaker from the constant sliding it in and out every day. It was hardly noticeable, but it still bothered me so I touched it up, sanded it down and added a little top coat. If the light hits it in the exact right angle you can see where the shine is slightly different, but you'd really have to be looking for it. I have since bought this: http://amzn.to/2cClDBe as to not repeat the same problem.
So to sum up, two years of normal use and they still look great. Unfortunately, I don't have a tutorial of how I did my backsplash, but I will say that I put it directly over the existing laminate backsplash. I put a few nails through the laminate where it flexed a little when pushed. Then, I basically tiled the same way anyone would tile, waited for it to dry, grouted, waited for that to dry, and sealed it all.


I have just finished my two coats of stone coating and I am really happy with the look already. I chose the natural white and started with the laundry room. Just in case it is a total screw up, but it's not looking like it.

lisa ellison

I am sure I want to do this, but can not get anyone from Daich to call or email me. I need help with picking color and the little size on the computer screen does not help. My backsplash in kitchen is an opaque sea glass green and I want something to go with that. possibly the natural white, pearl, onyx fog but not sure what colors the flecks are. Any help from others greatly appreciated. and if you have a phone number where you actually get person would be great!


AMAING review! I have been going back and forth about this product and now I have made up my mind. This is the exact color I have been obsessing over lol


I just finished my counters with this product. I went with the coriander color. My counters look great, now I want to repaint my walls.


Great review! Do the counters have a rough texture or smooth?

Carla Abendroth

Thank you for the great tutorial on your counters. We are starting this project on Friday and using the Volcanic Black. I called early last week to Daich in Canada, number on their web site, Paul was a wonderful help and I felt reassured after visiting concerning the color we picked. Excited to start this project and update our kitchen with countertops, new backsplash and paint. Excited to start our project!!

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